Monday, February 26, 2007

Fackelzug Schwarzwald.

Sorry, I have no news concerning the bus, just work myself through tiny bits & pieces which aren't that relevant.
But I won't leave you alone with some cracking updates on boris' '73 superbeetle.
We are heading for a double-bay display inside esher hall in about 4 weeks time. I guess these two cuties match pretty well together in terms of color, stance, age and, well, windshield shape :)

For starters: black ceramic coated Ahnendorp exhaust

Unterstatement rules.

ahem, talking about daily drivers...

Fackelzug, Schwarzwald chapter.

Strong 1776cc, 40 idf webers, note innovative 1-2-3 ignition which seems to prove very promising

Not overdone subtle "color-concept"

Above the tranny, yes working heaters.

Nice nightshot

Front end shot with swaybar and rubber-mounted oilcooler behind OG slotted valance. Looks like a factory option, no? :)