Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A sad day in VW history.

Yesterday I heard bad news about my one and only prime billet & polish supplier: my dear friend moldo will ultimately close the doors of "Fackelzug Engineering Ltd.".
The reasons for that instance are pretty simple to describe: Closed upon abundance!
That happens when a high turnover in a short period of time meets excessive profit maximisation. If I only had known! :))
So the rest is to be left to the historians as this company will queue itself up in the line with other nameless companies like DDS, Auto-Haus, Treuhaft,....

One major key to the breathtaking success of Fackelzug Ltd. was to manufacture each and every part only ONCE! Well OK, the other focus was a massive attention to detail, design and shine.
These are the latest and last parts to find their way out of moldos mill. With the backrest adjuster-knob in a sunray-like design you finally made yourself a legend.
Themed: quit at peak performance. Very well done, matey.
Thank you for your extended commitment, I owe you something that cannot be paid back.