Thursday, March 01, 2007

No shortcuts.

The main principle while undergoing any project is to avoid shortcuts of any kind. Especially when you're getting close to your deadline & begin to panic.
I still have the problem with my rear suspension bottoming out on the bumpstops. With two outer splines you need to notch the springplate and perhaps the framerail due to driveshaft and trailarm interference.
I didn't get a bold solution until I came across the busboys boomerang plates. I guess it is the only way to go.
These plates retain stock springplate travel, torsion bar springrate and OG rubber bumpstops. So you do not have to notch anything and click any splines on the torsionbar. I heard they would even loose tension when you turn the springplate thus resulting in "sagging-out".
So the only thing you'll do with the boomerangs is to move up the bearing housing to gain a 4" drop. Just like dropped spindles in a way. Clever one.
Spotted these on samba, should be here next week or so.