Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mission completed.

Three pictures that capture three certain feelings that moved us over the last weekend around the 20th Volksworld Show at Sandown Park in London.
For further information check our schwarzwald-kolchose blog

Redemption: we made our double baywindow display, no matter what struggles we've been through (note boris' superbeetle charming the bus nose)

Disbelief: can things get any worse? Hours before departure the gods pushed the reset-button and sent loads of snow, rain and stormwinds. No heating system whatsoever.

Joy: cruising into sunrise no matter what temperature is always an impressive moment to enjoy. Especially when you're returning from your first time out with a Top20 award in your pocket.
Now, things couldn't be any better. The bus made its first 2000 kms with no hassle and works like my breitling's clockwork.