Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just a few good men.

The show's just one week behind us, time to reflect some things.

I think I wouldn't have made it there without the vital help of a few crazy blokes which I call friends. The term "just a few good men" stands for all of them instead of mentioning each name and should express my thanks for their granted support. Those who are meant, know it's them. Cause it's just what it takes: a few good men.

Just one thing I want to point out and say cheers to tom gotta of wheelerdealers' fame from my hometown frankfurt. Reason was that I was quite struggling with my sidewinder system I have ordered in time (nov 06) from serranos, few of you might know the story as they unexpectedly failed to get a fitting system here in time after 4 months. In the end I am not very upset with him as I know that real shit really happens even to the whore with the golden heart :)) Steve this one's for you. I would recommend him nevertheless as I'm not that resentful as certain one's might suppose.

But back to saint tom: I just resigned to the fact to travel with the ugly stock system as he came across and offered to lend me one of his customers systems to see if it would fit and if it does to go ahead and use it. We'll do the exchange once the muffler from serranos arrives.
So nothing to write home about? Well, regarding that we both didn't even met in person before last weekend...
Cheers to you, tom. It was worth the effort even the nightshift on wednesday till 3am to get the bastardo fit :) R&D!

For that matter I raise my glass to frankfurts pritschen-präsi who got a well earned Top20 award for his slick & perfect splitty-coupé. This polished dash is damn sick! Great one, spez!

Another story to tell of was the fitment of the OE waistline deluxe trim set from vwheritage just days before departure. I don't know how many man-days went into it, especially to get the rear corners fit in any way. They simply had no OG fit. It was a nightmare.

These trimsets have been launched by vwheritage only weeks ago and everyone who lacks them should be happy that they have even done it (even with this pricetag). Except for the rear corners the set is perfect. Ian of vwheritage took the issue really serious and they will approach the manufacturer with it. So fitting round corners might be round the corner :))
If you consider ordering a set, just ask for them. We made the r&d on them, too :)))) Just kidding.