Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Since today every part goes in resident and final, clearing out my shelves!!
Wow, every each week I ask myself "when will I loose motivation?", I am almost waiting for that moment but it won't come yet. I see progress. I get support from my blog-readers. I get pushed by my friends. I get time from my girlfriend to create my dream.

A sort of homecoming...

Now, after two weeks at the paintshop the bus is now back at my home for final completion. The painter did his magic with a last coat of clear and buffed up the whole cube, shine on baby. Thanks to Heinz for his patience and dedication.
Well, below, thats me, tired after 800km trailering in one day, checking out seat position, but happy after all :-))

The way back home was kind of a convoy as my mate Moldo and I picked up our cars together yesterday. That was a really nice sight.
His toy is a '70 porsche 914-6, colour is (original) conda-green, rims 7x15 (911R). The car retired in 1977 and was stored away ever since. First owner was Gerd Quist, a well known racedriver for the MaxMoritz-Team in the 70s who used this gem as his private car. Being also serviced by MaxMoritz it wouldn't stay stock for a long period of time. The stock 2,0l 110HP-engine was modified with all neccessary parts to make it a genuine S-Motor plus several special tuning provisions to result in 185HP. 911-S brake-calipers, a 914-GT suspension, 80% limited-slip differential and much more bits and pieces "off the shelf" were fitted in these early days. So this car is absolutely unique. Although being one of the most ugly sportscars ever created (which is my opinion), this one really got my heart. This jewel was restored to a condition "better than new" but this ultimate -6 still breathes atmosphere. Awesome!! Still get a duck-skin thinking of it.
I am looking forward for the first turnout, moldo!

thats how we celebrate "welcome home" parties on our side :-)