Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hospitality weekend.

Last weekend the white oval had company with moldos green 914-6 as he popped down for a visit to meet a few people and to have his car expertised on monday.
We joined each other at the vw meeting in pfinztal which was very well organised by the lads of the Badenser Käferschlenzer.
Well done, guys! Nice new site!
Unfortunately we couldn't attend the evening program and had to leave early. We cruised back home in low level flight through the woods with the roof wide open having no problems but a lot of fun.
I enjoyed that flight even more as the oval didn't leave the hangar since more than 18 months or so.
It took almost an hour and quite solid language to bring him back to life on sat morning, he's a real diva! I thought divas are female... :-)
But he tried to resist with some acceleration problems: someone must have put the 3K pill in the MSD rev-limiter :-) OK, I have the only keys to the workshop so it must have been up to me.
I'm getting old. In a way...

Arty shot. Marc, I'm getting close to it... :-)

We found some tunnels the other afternoon leaving them with 7200 RPM in third gear...
Awesome! I owe you something my friend.

This is an original "Jägermeister" Team-Jacket of the MaxMoritz Racing Team, Reutlingen. Moldo got it from an MM employee who was responsible for the whole engine department back in the racing days. It is slightly faded in some places with great patina but in excellent shape and size-perfect for moldo which is a thing that didn't surprise me at all.
Apparently, in 1970 this car already knew its destiny. I guess the whole story gets more and more mystic as things come to the spot where they always belonged to, making the puzzle even more complete. Amazing!

Gorgeous 70s style at its best. And genuine!

I hope no-one would ever think about making repros of these.
This jacket is still breathing!

I won't tell more about it but I had my moments this weekend, too.
Thank you for that ride, Peter, and also to Claudia not only for the delicious cake. We had a pleasant stay at your home. Looking forward to see you both at the RetroMotor in September.