Thursday, January 18, 2007

No monster tach.

I have a weak point for old classic watches and gauges as well. So I never understood the hype around these huge and ugly monster tachs, redlined at 10K and even shiftlighted as well. In a race car, ok. But where's the point of mocking yourself up and blemishing your dash in prominent areas....?
Well, to each his own.
I exploited my dear old Sun tach out of the oval, as he is receiving a rare 4 cyl Sun Super-Tach which is about to be refurbished by Tacho-Thomas at the time.
The 6K scale suits the bus much better than the oval.
The gauge pod manufactured by moldo's fackelzug engineering is now fitted, it is so gorgeous I can't believe it's mine.
Thanks moldo, we made a vision come true.

And yes, it clears the left knee comfortably... :)