Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Volksworld Magazine
Issue July 2006, Page 42

Yeah, Ivan, has been big time. :-)

Well that was easy.

Like franz ferdinand says, to throw a motor in a car isn't such an impossible mission as one might think. Especially if you have a detachable rear apron like on the T2a's. 20 minutes and you're done if everything is properly prepared.
But then again, it is also a moment to kick back and enjoy. These moments make our hobby worth every each penny we spend in it. So don't miss them during the rebuilt of your car whatever you are wrenching on, as there are so many of them.
Light a cigarette, rip open a beercan and cheer yourself!

The original riechert mesh filters...

...or polished stacks (with brass mesh).

The Behr oilcooler is off an e-class and is mounted right in front of the rear axletube.

Torn threads were cut off and JIC-adapters were welded on. The whole body was then glass-blasted and powdercoated in satin-black. Result is perfect. Cost: €55 the cooler included. I remember paying about €250 for the setrab of my oval. Oh my...

This time I tried the push-on style fittings which should seal without any additional clamp, once pushed on it isn't possible to pull the fitting off, no way. So I tend to trust them.

Mocal oilfilter-bracket with thermostat right above the transmission was a tight fit as there are not too many options of hose-routing due to throttle- and clutchcables.
It is not as roomy as you would think a bus would be...

For the MoT (aka TÜV) I fitted a stock muffler setup with heaterboxes, both have been sandblasted and hot-aluminised which was a treatment I always wanted to try out. The tip is still at the chromer and ready for monday.
However, it's a nice bling for the MoT bloke in the pit but will surely be replaced with some sort of a ceramic-coated hideaway muffler setup after I will have my approval.

Sorry for the poor photo-quality, I'm still in a battle with my cybershot. Most pics are taken with "solarisation" effect, whatever that will be...
It will get better next time. :-)