Friday, May 05, 2006

It's been a while....

But I am busy, do not worry. The engine's been apart again the last two weeks due to a change of CR. But thats nothing to take photos of for a second time.
Everythings in line now and just waiting for the powder coater to get some sheetmetal done. Then its time to swap the lump back in the bus to get it sparked.
This weekend I prepare the necessary things for the remote oil cooler which I decided to install instead of the stock doghouse.
Yes, I missed the Maikäfertreffen turnout in hannover last weekend. I have to realise that it is not me to set the schedule, it is the project itself that terminates timelines.
Plans for the debut will be a turnout to an upcoming cruise night in fribourg/switzerland.
But I won't announce to which one it will be :-)))
In the end it has also something of a tradition to make the break-in cruise to our swiss neighbors. Back in the days, it was the first long distance destination with my oval, too.

photo courtesy of stefan bau/vw speed