Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Having a break.

I'm off, guy
s. London calling! The annual VolksworldShow will be the flavour of the weekend!

Guts and a lot of vaseline helped me through this. And yes, you CAN do it alone, but you doesn't neccessarily HAVE to. This really gonna make you sweat!
But I'm home alone and got no friends... :-))

The glasses are tinted with the lightest shade of chromolux window-foil which helps to keep the heat and snoopy glances outside.
Blinds with hawaiian style hibiscus blooms matching the cars colour will be sewn the weekend after easter, my loved mother will stop by to help me with that :-))

Say "Hi" to my faithful workshop-mate steve mcq. He's sometimes the only one I can share my ideas and obsessions with... he always understands what I mean :-))

Yes, I know that 6 bolts may be enough to fix it, but, no guesswork here, 20 won't hurt either, hehe.