Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Doors done.

Horror. Don't like that mess at all. And for all who didn't know it yet: the glass goes in first. Problem was that they have the tinted foil on it and you won't have it spoiled while assembling the other stuff. Tricky task but I won, I swore like a trooper :-)
But everything works and fits fine now. Looks awesome with the whole side tinted.

BTW: the trailer hitch went back in the shelf, luckily I found a pair of bumper irons in Esher which came from australia. Gosh!
And they have other trick accessories in down under as well, check it out below.

Sorry, just wanted to show the tinted glass... hope I do not offend anyone :-)

Guess that's a better shot...

Genuine australian accessory! Plexi air deflector, only the right side though 'cause down under they have RHD... I treasured it in esher the other day. They got 'em also in a repro guise for both sides, but this one is an original. It's perfect and truly has style.
Got something of an aircraft canopy, in a way...
Well, after all, I'm a pilot :-)

I still search a swamp-cooler in good condition and any offers are really appreciated. But for the moment the "canopy" got to be enough ventilation aid. However, summer's not really "round the corner", isn't it..?