Monday, January 22, 2007

Upcoming baywindow display.

On this year's show in london we'll celebrate the 40th anniversary of cool baywindows with a display of two prime representatives of this breed.
This will be the kansasbeige '73 superbeetle belonging to my fella boris of groundspeed-pilot's fame and, well you guessed it, my '71 bay.
So this will make it a matching numbers event for me as I also turn 40 in a few weeks time (I just can't believe this).
Thanks to Ivan and his staff for the invitation.

Ready for roadtrippin'.

The things left to do are getting fewer each day, I feel quite confident to roll the first miles in about two weeks or even earlier. Enough time to sort out things that might happen, or, just have fun because everthings working fine. I'm pressing thumbs...
To get entertained during test sessions and cruising around I teamed up with the godfathers of car hifi installations Thomas N. and Marc H. Believe me, they never leave you disappointed!!
If they show up, consider it done!!
Thanks mates.