Sunday, March 19, 2006

Did I say "delicious"?

:-) Have a nice week.

Dash is in.

I decided to work myself from front to back. The dash was my first task and is now in, completely with both vent flaps + grille, defrosters, cables and instruments reconnected, handbrake-lever back in place, glovebox etc.
Fortunately, I managed to get this done without any scratches, puuuh :-)

Dummy trial fit.

As a birthday gift for myself I sourced a complete Riechert 34 PCI carb kit in mint condition. Great! I always wanted to own a kit like this but never had the engine to run them with.
Just wanted to see how high the stacks will build when mounted.
I guess they will clear the engine compartment but will not get enough air through them :-(

But luckily the original mesh-cleaners will...


Without engine there's no move. I will keep the stock config with a 1600 cc Type 1, rebuilt from scratch. I purchased a low-mileage case which was out of round nevertheless so the main bearing saddles had to be reamed 0,50mm.

Parallel work on the new heads. Just a little unshrouding and smoothing will be enough. This bus will be a cruising sleeper not a racer :-)

Always rely on the most experienced workmanship you can get. This is "Papa Cloes", an old friend of my mate moldo. He worked on aircooled VWs all his life and now has retired.

But to good friends he still gives his unrivaled expertise. I do not know him personally, but he seems to be a nice guy!
Check out his workshop: