Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mean machine.

Imagine deep negative °C degrees in a dark and lonesome workshop somewhere in the wide fields near Bad Vilbel.
Imagine the scene with a just as dark and forlorn guy standing shivering in a dim light at the MEAN MACHINE polishing parts of the gauge cluster for the bus.

MEAN MACHINE is EVIL!! MEAN MACHINE runs on a three phase current. That's something like 110 octane. The MEAN MACHINE has such insane torque it would easily start any high-CR 2332cc monster.
Moldo messed up with it the other day and - survived. See the result below. Gauges are still at Tacho Thomas for glorification, see the complete ensemble in the finished car in two weeks time.

Special request.

Just won't leave you alone without the latest news on Marc's '63 super sano ragtop aka "streichelzoo": these are pictures taken from the surgical area where once the engine used to be at home.
He opted for an upgrade to version 2.0 using only the latest soft- and hardware by his skilled friends of mainspeed.

BTW: Do trailer km's actually count twice as much? :)