Saturday, May 20, 2006

Riot van got his heart back.

Was a nice move today sweeping the workbench, gaining space again. Engine's in. Looking killer (Thanks oli for your helping hand). Well, it's nothing bold though, no IDFs, no stroker, no straight cuts, no highlift. I experience that in my oval from time to time and believe me it won't suit the character of this bus.
The edge on this engine lies in its purity and down-to-earth habit. It's a little like driving aircooled in a way like it was meant to be in the days. I am looking forward to that, a nice and sleepy cruiser to ride on.
Will break it in next week, just about checking electrics.

Sorry for having no pix at the moment, I broke my finepix last week, got a new cybershot this morning but not as familiar with it still studying the handbook... :-)

Stay tuned for a stylish update tomorrow featuring some "arty shots" as marc w. would name it, wouldn't you? Check out what the lads of GEZUVOR do on their weekends to enjoy themselves on

Ahh, latest news on moldos 914-6: it's rollin'!! He freshly experienced his first sweatsoaked 60 km cruise. Lightfooted, vigilent to the point and wondering around what's just happening inside the crankcase after almost 30 years of retirement, he gently took harvest of his efforts. Perception is that this car doesn't only look like it's new, it just operates in that way , too.

But did you silly bloke honestly expect anything else?
You got an MBA in Fackelzug-Engineering, so what should have gone wrong on that masterpiece?
Now quit weeping and enjoy your rides! :-)))

Original scheel-mann bucket-seat. And yes, these were OG equipment on the GTs...
Something special for the aficionados among us: the oval logo on the steering wheel's horn button spells EMPI... no joke!