Monday, December 04, 2006

Miles and more.

I just thought about how often I trailered the bus till now and how many miles would have virtually added up to its mileage without even turning one single wheel...
But it was good to see it moving again last saturday, moving always means progress and march 07 is quite round the corner.
16 weeks to go.
Now its up to the trimmer to finish in time but this should be no problem. Longblock is ready this week, too. The Fuchs rims are getting a full resto to NOS condition (anodised & painted) by Keller in Leverkusen.
Everything's fine and lined up.

Time to kick back & relax, soothing and grooving. Time to think about what already has happened this year concerning the bus.
Although I am writing this blog home alone in my room doesn't mean that I do all the work on the bus by myself.
So many other people are involved and play a big part to make things happen. So I will use this opportunity to say a "big thank you" to all those guys and gals behind the curtain for whatever they've done: my girl Heike, Adde, Gero, Oli, Rainer, Hanspeter, Moldieu, Thomas, Norbert, Marc & Heinz (unsorted row).
It would've been less fun without your help.