Thursday, April 06, 2006

The ultimate Porsche 914-6.

Remember the rims? :-)
This car is now nearly done. A few bits 'n pieces left to go in possibly but it runs and roars at last.
I never witnessed such an awesome project, in my eyes it was always close to risk of failure. Why? Doing a car like this with all its heritage aspect can easily been overdone by too much of a motivation. The result you get of it is a dead yet pretty ride.
Despite that Moldo captured and preserved the spirit of this truly amazing -6. I can't repeat enough that this gem has such perfect atmosphere that it almost shakes your knees off.
Yeah, duckskin, mate. I guess you're a happy and lucky guy :-)
Now your "snake" has the owner it deserves.

If you are as impressed with our paintjobs as we are, you should contact the Heymann Paintbox for details. These guys combine dedication with professionalism. Strongly recommended!!

Proof of moldos commitment to detail and know-how. Fackelzug at its best :-))

Before & after shot of front suspension with rebuilt shock-unit, nickel-plated roll-bar linkage and reworked brake/wheel-setup.

Yes, it is the same car... just wonderful.
Innocent and mean!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the honour to introduce another Bus-Lekker project:
Founding member Gero aka "Suggar daddy" has done some research & development.
One day he woke up and screamed "Heureka"! I found out! Less weight, faster times! He has overthrown his plans of fitting his 2110cc 190HP-quartermile stomper into a radio-flyer but ended up in this little tiny fiat 500.
This will gonna be the ticket to hell! But: No guts, no glory! :-)