Tuesday, April 04, 2006


We returned home yesterday morning and I'm still tryin' to get back every minute of missed sleep. So today I will kick back and relax to come back tomorrow for maximum attack :-)
The Show was a blast and all we can do is to thank Ivan and his committed crew to put up such an amazing show every year and even getting better from one time to the other.

Weather, was, er, english, to say the least. But its got to be like that, in a way. After all it's england!! I pretty much like it that way even though we froze our asses off and got fucked up beyond all recognition.
We were a bunch of nine blokes on a mission having a great time and enjoying ourselves as much as we could possibly can.
Also on the positive side of things: we found out that there's a second pub in esher just round the corner of bears inn.... But thats another story.
Another good thing is that we have opened a "bus.lekker" UK-chapter with gavin of southwest splitz joining us with his barndoor deluxe. Welcome, gavin, and see ya at vanfest in september!