Saturday, April 08, 2006


Before I tend to glorify my friend's rides too much :-) I just wanted to remember that this is still the web logbook of my '71 vw bus... but I will keep an eye on them, so stay tuned for their updates.

The next thing to happen on the cube was the rebuilt of the engine. As mentioned before I keep the stock configuration of the 1600cc type 1 motor, just mildly tuned.
The spec so far: 1600 cc displacement, ported & flycut 043-heads 35x32, valvetrain by scat, cam by scat (C-25), 30mm schadeck pump, 215mm lightened flywheel, "vintage" 34 pci riechert dual carb-kit. Perhaps we will experience 70HP.
After weeks of collecting the mostly new or rebuilt parts we came up to torque it yesterday night. I have never done that before so I assisted my friend gero during the session.

After about three minutes we could have split up with no success whatsoever. While checking the main bearings fitment we found out that kolbenschmidt assumed that if you have align-bored your case +0,50mm, the no.4 bearing saddle (close to flywheel) was also worn out and therefore flycut to 21mm width.
So there we stood, two silly looking but ambitious blokes with a no.4 bearing too narrow to fit on the 22mm saddle in the case which of course wasn't flycut due to being damn true. I checked the parts-list a thousand times OK but this little bastard really f***ed me up. My fault!

Friday afternoon: now go and find a workshop with access to a lathe to cut off the missing 1mm on the inner collar of the bearing. Killingly funny, isn't it?
My mobile went hot checking all possibilities. We were still keen on building the engine TODAY! In the end I had one option left: driving 100km oneway to a friends garage to have it cut.
You guessed it, three hours later I returned with the machined bearing which fitted dead-perfect on the saddle. Thumbs up and big thanks to jens b.'s father for helping us so promptly.
It was a far cry but worth the effort although it caused an extended session-timeline. Scheduled for midnight we left the workshop at 3 am. Tough job.

left case half ready to accept the right one

yep, no stray-cats, sorry, straight-cuts here :-)

shortblock torqued

pistons & sleeves about to go in

torqueing the heads

longblock completed

biggest clutch available for type1-engines (215mm)

just everybody throws them in the bin but I found the airflap/thermostat setup works well

nearly complete to go in

nice shot of two future workmates :-))

and this was my workmate yesterday night: "suggar daddy" gero.
Thanks a lot, buddy.