Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy easter to everyone!

Another highlight to check out in esher two weeks ago were dave palmer's rear hubs with 5x130 pattern studs. If only all aftermarket products were so brillantly engineered like these two sweeties!! Since I've been absolutely happy with their narrowed weedeater frontbeam I can highly recommend Creative Engineering in both service and product quality.
You sure can use wheel adaptors, no problem. But you have to realise that they do have downsides. I used the 15mm H&R adaptors with studs and was close to contact with the rear wheel arches. So wheel choice was badly restricted. Now I could use 8x16" with no hassle.
Another point is that you can't use the two screws holding the drum to the original hub. So the drum merely floats and rocks against the studs each time you brake. Some guys may say that this doesn't matter.
But these smart hubs ARE available. So why not using them? In the end its a matter of safety and after all the rear end looks less weird with that ugly wide track stance :-)
....yeah, you got me

Sliding door.

All bling's here, but still tryin' to close it...:-(


It's in but please don't ask...