Monday, November 27, 2006

I heard you.

This 16" set of rims just isn't made for a bus of that kind.
"Wheels make or break a car" is an old saying and yet again confirmes to be dead straight.

We thought the 16s would look more mature on the fat chick which comes out pretty cool on the front but the back didn't work out at all. No room for another spline and a stance like a golf pussy.
Nice try but I'm back with the 15s, but for now I changed from the late style to a set of deep 6s with the larger trefoil.
I will stay with this setup. Period.

Adaug Jailbars.

All the rage for lowlight bays, the complete set of stainless side- and jailbars is now available. For more info just drop me an email.