Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kleinkram, der nur uffhält.

These "please pass"-signs are available NOS from the UK. Saw them on last years vowo show and got to have one. Gorgeous piece.

Details, details...:) Well, if someone has NOS knobs for sale, please contact me.

Finally found a line-in setup for the pod.

Dropped spindles.

These wagenswest thingies are in, to be honest, they are 'slightly' on the rough side in terms of workmanship altough they are solid and thoroughly welded.
Just have to make adjustments for the bumpstops in the shocks and raise the adjusters 3cm to retain some sort of, well, can I say comfort?

The narrowed track is pretty gone, uh? :)
If these 5,5s just weren't that expensive these days...

er, yep, still the late 6s, will fix that next week :)