Tuesday, March 06, 2007

16 days and counting down.

We make it. Boris' car is running & rollin, catching up with minor bits & pieces. Nothing severe.
My bus is sitting idle in the workshop waiting for the postman to ring.

Boxer-Shop's Toni finally sent the pair of modified konis for the rearend:

Porsche's upholstery-dept. skinned the mdf-speakerrings (thanks again Boris). The threeway (like that term) system is finally in the doorboards, looks (& sounds) like a factory option.
Fits in very well.

After last weeks wrong delivery of 12 sets runingboard trim for beetles, vwheritage/UK managed to rush a correct set of deluxe trim over here. Much appreciated, Joanne! I'll hand you over the wrong bulk at the show.

So I think we are pretty close to completion, only thing missing are the boomerangs, they should be under way in the next couple of days.
Rollout party is scheduled for the 18th...Strike!