Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It's been a while...

Loads of things happened in the last two years and there was nothing to relate to this blog.
After fixing the busses slider door sheetmetal-wise about 18 months ago (thanks thomas!!) I went partially primered around town since then.
Apparently I was getting comfortable with this kind of color-scheme as I hardly got my ass lifted to get it done the right way.

Have to say that my trusted paint-box Heymann is NOT virtually round the corner but this will apologise myself only partially. To me it is a well known phenomenon that issues that hang around like lead and starting to offend you will end up in smoke within days. Same thing happened to my bus and I found it cool enough to share it with you as I am more than happy with the result and the mode how it was done.

Fast rewind to the famous Eifelrennen at the Nürburgring on 27th september: I was attending the event with my friends adde, gero & moldo, we were invited by Penske Motorsport to present our cars (912, 914-6 & bus) at their booth (well getting there is another story).
Over the weekend we came across our dear friend Heinz Heymann and chatted the usual useless rubbish and came to the point he told us about the big event for his company's 75th anniversary the following weekend and he asked us to present our cars right there.

I told him "yeah fine, but please have a look at my bus first..." He looked over it and just said ok, no problem, you and moldo are heading to my paintbox on sunday after the event, I get you a rental to bring you home and the next saturday you pick up moldo in frankfurt and come right back here to pick up your cars.... that's Heinz. He's focused on solutions. Faster would have been "while you wait".
I love you!

Thats him:

So we went the other saturday to attend the festivities with loads of cars on display and an open door walkaround through his company. Did you know that Heymann built the worlds largest ambulance (guinness!) for the emirate of dubai? You may say he is addicted to busses :-)

If you look for a top notch properly done paintjob for your ride give them your first call and never regret it:, ask for Heinz.

Note the ex-Jochen Mass ford capri:

Nice shot, you see moldos -6, the ari vatanen ascona and the guinness record dubai ambulance citaro in the back:

By now the bus is mag-worthy and over two years ago I promised Ivan of Volksworld-fame to have the feature done. Sorry Ivan for being late.... :-)

BTW: I had my first breakdown with the bus! Well, ok, a breakdown deluxe...
Heading home that weekend at Heinz' we were rolling the highway back home at night, my girlfriend chatting, starry night with full moon rising, purring motor in the back, perfect journey you-know-what. Suddenly the engine stopped working. The road had no shoulder and just like given from gods hands we were passing an exit to a motorway station and rolled out.
Call me arrogant or naive but I do not carry any tools or emergency cases with me in the bus. When I leave the workshop the car is fueled and fresh oiled and MAINTAINED. What should happen to a VW on its way??
OK, now I am cured on this but let me tell you the story. Fuel checked, batt checked, no leaks, cool engine. No torch! I was astoundingly relaxed, starry night, alone with my love you-know-what.... I reckoned the fuel pump at first but it was far too sudden to be.
0800 ADAC: "get a trailer and bring me home"
No trailer but the usual yellow angel appeared 1,5 hour later. He had a torch. He checked ignition. Spark on the main lead: OK. Spark on the plug lead: NO. We removed the dizzy cap and experienced a broken (!) rotor! Did this ever happened to you? As I have a T25 transistor ignition he was keen to pull the drawers in his van ("I know I have one of these somewhere...I know I have...") and picked ONE matching rotor out and fitted it back in the bus. Dizzy cap on, ignition key: Wroooom!
Thats what I call a VW!

PS: the broken rotor wasn't genuine Bosch.... My fault. Now I have two of them in the glovebox.... :-)