Friday, November 13, 2009

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It's been a while...

Loads of things happened in the last two years and there was nothing to relate to this blog.
After fixing the busses slider door sheetmetal-wise about 18 months ago (thanks thomas!!) I went partially primered around town since then.
Apparently I was getting comfortable with this kind of color-scheme as I hardly got my ass lifted to get it done the right way.

Have to say that my trusted paint-box Heymann is NOT virtually round the corner but this will apologise myself only partially. To me it is a well known phenomenon that issues that hang around like lead and starting to offend you will end up in smoke within days. Same thing happened to my bus and I found it cool enough to share it with you as I am more than happy with the result and the mode how it was done.

Fast rewind to the famous Eifelrennen at the Nürburgring on 27th september: I was attending the event with my friends adde, gero & moldo, we were invited by Penske Motorsport to present our cars (912, 914-6 & bus) at their booth (well getting there is another story).
Over the weekend we came across our dear friend Heinz Heymann and chatted the usual useless rubbish and came to the point he told us about the big event for his company's 75th anniversary the following weekend and he asked us to present our cars right there.

I told him "yeah fine, but please have a look at my bus first..." He looked over it and just said ok, no problem, you and moldo are heading to my paintbox on sunday after the event, I get you a rental to bring you home and the next saturday you pick up moldo in frankfurt and come right back here to pick up your cars.... that's Heinz. He's focused on solutions. Faster would have been "while you wait".
I love you!

Thats him:

So we went the other saturday to attend the festivities with loads of cars on display and an open door walkaround through his company. Did you know that Heymann built the worlds largest ambulance (guinness!) for the emirate of dubai? You may say he is addicted to busses :-)

If you look for a top notch properly done paintjob for your ride give them your first call and never regret it:, ask for Heinz.

Note the ex-Jochen Mass ford capri:

Nice shot, you see moldos -6, the ari vatanen ascona and the guinness record dubai ambulance citaro in the back:

By now the bus is mag-worthy and over two years ago I promised Ivan of Volksworld-fame to have the feature done. Sorry Ivan for being late.... :-)

BTW: I had my first breakdown with the bus! Well, ok, a breakdown deluxe...
Heading home that weekend at Heinz' we were rolling the highway back home at night, my girlfriend chatting, starry night with full moon rising, purring motor in the back, perfect journey you-know-what. Suddenly the engine stopped working. The road had no shoulder and just like given from gods hands we were passing an exit to a motorway station and rolled out.
Call me arrogant or naive but I do not carry any tools or emergency cases with me in the bus. When I leave the workshop the car is fueled and fresh oiled and MAINTAINED. What should happen to a VW on its way??
OK, now I am cured on this but let me tell you the story. Fuel checked, batt checked, no leaks, cool engine. No torch! I was astoundingly relaxed, starry night, alone with my love you-know-what.... I reckoned the fuel pump at first but it was far too sudden to be.
0800 ADAC: "get a trailer and bring me home"
No trailer but the usual yellow angel appeared 1,5 hour later. He had a torch. He checked ignition. Spark on the main lead: OK. Spark on the plug lead: NO. We removed the dizzy cap and experienced a broken (!) rotor! Did this ever happened to you? As I have a T25 transistor ignition he was keen to pull the drawers in his van ("I know I have one of these somewhere...I know I have...") and picked ONE matching rotor out and fitted it back in the bus. Dizzy cap on, ignition key: Wroooom!
Thats what I call a VW!

PS: the broken rotor wasn't genuine Bosch.... My fault. Now I have two of them in the glovebox.... :-)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Stance reference - Reloaded.

I am happy to see other idiots like me doin it hardcore & diggin even further. I'm wondering how this bus will handle like. Well done guys and keep this thing grounded!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


First spy shots unveil Boris' already immaculate '64 1500S squareback wrapped in glossy delicious L456 ruby-red.
Status: empty shell, almost rolling chassis, 901 closeratio gearbox, 2,2l type 1 engine, 16" steiners (no regular-off-the-shelf...)

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just a few good men.

The show's just one week behind us, time to reflect some things.

I think I wouldn't have made it there without the vital help of a few crazy blokes which I call friends. The term "just a few good men" stands for all of them instead of mentioning each name and should express my thanks for their granted support. Those who are meant, know it's them. Cause it's just what it takes: a few good men.

Just one thing I want to point out and say cheers to tom gotta of wheelerdealers' fame from my hometown frankfurt. Reason was that I was quite struggling with my sidewinder system I have ordered in time (nov 06) from serranos, few of you might know the story as they unexpectedly failed to get a fitting system here in time after 4 months. In the end I am not very upset with him as I know that real shit really happens even to the whore with the golden heart :)) Steve this one's for you. I would recommend him nevertheless as I'm not that resentful as certain one's might suppose.

But back to saint tom: I just resigned to the fact to travel with the ugly stock system as he came across and offered to lend me one of his customers systems to see if it would fit and if it does to go ahead and use it. We'll do the exchange once the muffler from serranos arrives.
So nothing to write home about? Well, regarding that we both didn't even met in person before last weekend...
Cheers to you, tom. It was worth the effort even the nightshift on wednesday till 3am to get the bastardo fit :) R&D!

For that matter I raise my glass to frankfurts pritschen-präsi who got a well earned Top20 award for his slick & perfect splitty-coupé. This polished dash is damn sick! Great one, spez!

Another story to tell of was the fitment of the OE waistline deluxe trim set from vwheritage just days before departure. I don't know how many man-days went into it, especially to get the rear corners fit in any way. They simply had no OG fit. It was a nightmare.

These trimsets have been launched by vwheritage only weeks ago and everyone who lacks them should be happy that they have even done it (even with this pricetag). Except for the rear corners the set is perfect. Ian of vwheritage took the issue really serious and they will approach the manufacturer with it. So fitting round corners might be round the corner :))
If you consider ordering a set, just ask for them. We made the r&d on them, too :)))) Just kidding.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mission completed.

Three pictures that capture three certain feelings that moved us over the last weekend around the 20th Volksworld Show at Sandown Park in London.
For further information check our schwarzwald-kolchose blog

Redemption: we made our double baywindow display, no matter what struggles we've been through (note boris' superbeetle charming the bus nose)

Disbelief: can things get any worse? Hours before departure the gods pushed the reset-button and sent loads of snow, rain and stormwinds. No heating system whatsoever.

Joy: cruising into sunrise no matter what temperature is always an impressive moment to enjoy. Especially when you're returning from your first time out with a Top20 award in your pocket.
Now, things couldn't be any better. The bus made its first 2000 kms with no hassle and works like my breitling's clockwork.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Boomerangs arrived in the old world.

Today I got my customs slip, so I pick them up tomorrow morning. Phhheeeeew! That was a close one. Sunday I have to attend our rollout party and make some more miles.
It all works out in the very last minute.
I even dare to say that serranos sidewinder will make it here in time.
It should be scheduled for tomorrow to arrive at serranos and then steve promised to fedex it in a rush. 3 business days or so. That will be wednesday. On thursday we head off...
If he fails we have a plan "B".

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Getting ready.

Just still waiting for the boomerangs :(
Meanwhile I got back the freshly anodised wheelnuts to match the rims, the silver is not exactly spot on but it's ok.
Also on the "Done"-list are the oil-gauges, pimped out auto-meter sport-comp metrics modified with vdo chrome bezels and painted indicators to match the sun-tach. Nice.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Doors finally done.

Speakers are in, looking good. This evening I washed the cube and began polishing...:)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

16 days and counting down.

We make it. Boris' car is running & rollin, catching up with minor bits & pieces. Nothing severe.
My bus is sitting idle in the workshop waiting for the postman to ring.

Boxer-Shop's Toni finally sent the pair of modified konis for the rearend:

Porsche's upholstery-dept. skinned the mdf-speakerrings (thanks again Boris). The threeway (like that term) system is finally in the doorboards, looks (& sounds) like a factory option.
Fits in very well.

After last weeks wrong delivery of 12 sets runingboard trim for beetles, vwheritage/UK managed to rush a correct set of deluxe trim over here. Much appreciated, Joanne! I'll hand you over the wrong bulk at the show.

So I think we are pretty close to completion, only thing missing are the boomerangs, they should be under way in the next couple of days.
Rollout party is scheduled for the 18th...Strike!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

No shortcuts.

The main principle while undergoing any project is to avoid shortcuts of any kind. Especially when you're getting close to your deadline & begin to panic.
I still have the problem with my rear suspension bottoming out on the bumpstops. With two outer splines you need to notch the springplate and perhaps the framerail due to driveshaft and trailarm interference.
I didn't get a bold solution until I came across the busboys boomerang plates. I guess it is the only way to go.
These plates retain stock springplate travel, torsion bar springrate and OG rubber bumpstops. So you do not have to notch anything and click any splines on the torsionbar. I heard they would even loose tension when you turn the springplate thus resulting in "sagging-out".
So the only thing you'll do with the boomerangs is to move up the bearing housing to gain a 4" drop. Just like dropped spindles in a way. Clever one.
Spotted these on samba, should be here next week or so.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Fackelzug Schwarzwald.

Sorry, I have no news concerning the bus, just work myself through tiny bits & pieces which aren't that relevant.
But I won't leave you alone with some cracking updates on boris' '73 superbeetle.
We are heading for a double-bay display inside esher hall in about 4 weeks time. I guess these two cuties match pretty well together in terms of color, stance, age and, well, windshield shape :)

For starters: black ceramic coated Ahnendorp exhaust

Unterstatement rules.

ahem, talking about daily drivers...

Fackelzug, Schwarzwald chapter.

Strong 1776cc, 40 idf webers, note innovative 1-2-3 ignition which seems to prove very promising

Not overdone subtle "color-concept"

Above the tranny, yes working heaters.

Nice nightshot

Front end shot with swaybar and rubber-mounted oilcooler behind OG slotted valance. Looks like a factory option, no? :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Knob it.

Just received the last contingent of Fackelzug billet-parts yesterday. They have such a snug fit & quality in haptics, shine and treatment....
I don't know how often I adjusted my backrest yesterday evening. Billet porn!
After fitment I went for my first 50kms of cruising. Rear suspension needs some attention as it blocks on the rubbers :(
Before I go one spline up I try to ride on konis without bump rubbers, perhaps it will improve. In current state it is not possible to drive.

Everything else is in perfect working order. In about two weeks we have an appointment with the dyno...
4 weeks to go.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A sad day in VW history.

Yesterday I heard bad news about my one and only prime billet & polish supplier: my dear friend moldo will ultimately close the doors of "Fackelzug Engineering Ltd.".
The reasons for that instance are pretty simple to describe: Closed upon abundance!
That happens when a high turnover in a short period of time meets excessive profit maximisation. If I only had known! :))
So the rest is to be left to the historians as this company will queue itself up in the line with other nameless companies like DDS, Auto-Haus, Treuhaft,....

One major key to the breathtaking success of Fackelzug Ltd. was to manufacture each and every part only ONCE! Well OK, the other focus was a massive attention to detail, design and shine.
These are the latest and last parts to find their way out of moldos mill. With the backrest adjuster-knob in a sunray-like design you finally made yourself a legend.
Themed: quit at peak performance. Very well done, matey.
Thank you for your extended commitment, I owe you something that cannot be paid back.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Stance reference.

This early bay is one of the most beautiful buses I have ever seen (besides Addes 68).
Subtle, reduced, sophisticated.

:) Chill (:

I don't know how they do this...

...but it's awsome. Check the calcruiser website. Wicked stuff!

Thanks to Damien of Lozerifornia for having our bay posted, much appreciated, man!
The same to the lads of BAYS, keep up guys, well done blog!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Getting it done.

Ten hours at the workshop yesterday gave us a perfectly redone wireloom in OEM-condition for the engine-bay. A very big thankyou to my briefly committed fella boris who never lost track on all that wires.
Whilst he was performing his art I dedicated my eye on misc mechanic bits which had to be done. Now the bus is roadworthy: engine's running well on stock exhaust, brakes done, ride height done, stance done, electrics completely done, instruments finally wired & in working order.
Next week I have to replace the throttle cable to have a smooth pedal feel & go out to a few test drives. Looking forward to this! :)))

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wrong muffler.

Shit happens. Crisp looking header as expected but with a bug muffler. No way to fit. Have to send it back for exchange. Early bay muffler takes 2-3 weeks...
Hope dies at last?
6 weeks left to turn a coin. We leave at 21:00 on 22nd march destination london, come what may.

A1 sidewinder finally arrived.

Nevertheless it took some time, Steve at Serranos did a prime job: perfect product, correct size, well packed and sensibly declared for customs :)
It's on the engine this evening, stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Boris, we'll make it!

Never surrender and keep going, chap! We have enough time!
It's funny in a way as we are wrenching in a kind of synchro mode at the time. i.e. tomorrow he's picking up his summit parts and I will see tomorrow morning if the customs will accept my fakey invoice on the sidewinder. I'm quite creative on that one.
My dropped spindles from wagenswest for example I declared as "refined goods" and wrote an invoice for the welding worth $120.... A similar document is ready for the sidewinder. I briefly can tell stories to the customs bloke.... :-)

I do not cheat, I just make up my mind....

Monday, February 05, 2007


sorry, can't spell, still laughing my brain out... This car must be inspired by the gods. Nice move, boris.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Un die Fackel brennt als weiter...

Picture puzzle, advanced version. First to know what this gem is for, gets an assorted series of buttkicks of his/her choice.


The clothesline from generator to regulator is now hidden away for sleek looks. Once in a rush, my matey boris skipped to the rest of the wireloom without a pause:
"des kammer ned so lasse, wart ma kurz..."

pros at work, to be continued.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Engine's in again.

Quite happy to have this off my list, thanks to Jens and Benni for your handy help!
Just a few cables left to pimp & hide and we're ready to roll.
Serranos packing my box at the moment for the sidewinder, after 3 months it arrived from A1...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Roof rack ready.

A bus without a rack on top, I don't know... This is one of the more popular "Auto-Kuli" racks which were produced by Busch of Cologne in the 70s. It merely doesn't always have to be a westy except for splitties :)

This is another one from the same manufacturer which was supposed to go on the tintop at first. I restored it until the very last bit only to find out that it has less width than the other one and it won't fit the roof with the supplied brackets :(

How blind one dump bloke can be! Now it serves as another spacious storage area hanging on the workshop ceiling.
I guess it's a perfect rack for a squareback.